Axelerate Solutions takes in Wintel as investor

Stockholm, SE, 12th September, 2016

Axelerate Solutions takes in Wintel Invest, with the earlier key person Anna Averud from Microsoft, as an investor. Among the new investor are the founders of the well-known IT security company TrueSec. The new capital will be used primarily to strengthen the company's marketing, development, and sales organization. 

"During the spring, we received several investment proposals but the choice fell on Wintel Group because the company has a strong position in IT-security which is an important prerequisite for connected products and organizations." says Mats Axelsson, CEO of Axelerate.

Axelerate have developed most of their technology and IoT platform on Microsoft services, mainly on the cloud platform, Azure. The investment key person, Anna Averud, previously Business Area Manager for Office at Microsoft and now CEO of Wintel Invest says that "technical expertise and industry knowledge in combination was crucial for investing in Axelerate". 

“The pressure from customers who run their digitization increases every day. We want to support the customers to feel more secure with their IoT projects.” says Peter Galli, CEO of Wintel Group.

Wintel Invest is a company of the Wintel Group whose focus is excellence in IT, security and GoToMarket-strategies through its subsidiaries TrueSec, TrueSec Ink, TrueSec Syd, TrueSec Infra, AddLevel, and LabCenter.

Simplicity and efficiency is crucial when businesses shall be digitized. Axelerate Solutions provides a hyper-scaled, enterprise ready and horizontal IoT platform in the cloud, enabling enterprises to effectively connect products, organizations and processes.


For more information, please contact:

Mats Axelsson, CEO, Axelerate Solutions

+46 70 555 25 00

Anna Averud, CEO, Wintel Invest

+46 70 709 30 48