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Transform your business

From a product company to a services and solutions company

Axelerate provides an end to end horizontal IoT platform in the cloud.

Smart Connected Business

The Smart Connected Business starts with your products. Axelerate and our partners helps you transform your business to become Smart and move into services and solutions. The Smart business creates new revenue streams, by analyzing product and customer performance.


Axelerate Internet of Things is available for any industry who wants to become Smart and connected. Independent of if you are in Transportation, Energy, manufacturing, Industrial automation, Environmental, Healthcare or any other industry, we cover it all.

Axelerate IoT Platform

We make your business smart by connecting your products to Internet and provide business performance analytics which makes it possible to look into the future and become proactive. Axelerate provides a hyper scaled IoT platform in the cloud, which makes it possible to dramatically reduce the time-to-market for delivery of IoT solutions.