We help clients unlock value by digitizing the physical world

Using the power of Internet of Things We are experts at:

Digital Transformation

Axelerate and our partners helps you digitize and transform your business to become smart and connected, moving towards services and solutions. Axelerate IoT enables new business models and revenue streams.

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Internet of Things

We make your business smart by connecting your products to Internet. Axelerate provides an IoT business platform in the cloud, which makes it possible to dramatically reduce the time for delivery of IoT solutions.

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Business Optimization

We help you to understand your current baseline and areas of improvement opportunities. We provide the tools to enable automated and continuously improved production, efficiency and availability.

Business Optimization →

We will help you to:


Making your products smart and connected enables remote monitoring, control and operational data collection. 


Analyze and transform your operational data into valuable business insight, which create improvement opportunities.


Improve operational and strategical efficiency by optimizing your business processes and performance.

IoT Business Platform

We're passionate about technology, but we truly think that a connected business strategy should be customer and business driven. We're proud to be one of the few to provide an IoT Platform fully made for business optimization. Axelerate IoT Platform →

Axelerate IoT platform is a horizontal enabler for any vertical business.

IoT business strategy

Building a future proof connected business need a strategy. Axelerate has more than 15 years of experience in this area. Let us help you to create and build a profitable and future proof sustainable connected business.

Born connected

If you are already connected but is not yet fully leveraging on the the data from your smart devices. Connect your data to Axelerate IoT Analytics and let us help you with the business development needed to invent new revenue streams, optimizing your enterprise performance.

IoT Partner Program

By being part of our extensive partner program you can create new revenue streams from our end-to-end IoT toolkits.


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